Parade Rules

Flamborough Santa Claus Parade Rules

Note: The Business or Organization contact person will be responsible to ensure all participants of their Business or Organization is familiar with these rules and regulations. It is recommended that you provide all those participating with a copy of the Parade Rules and Regulations as follows.

  1. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted in the parks, or while riding on the float. Any participant suspected of alcohol consumption will be denied entry to the parade.
  2. All entries must keep pace with the parade to prevent large gaps between entries.
  3. All vehicles participating in the parade MUST be decorated with a Christmas theme (including Christmas lights). Any vehicle lacking Christmas lights and decoration will not be permitted to participate.
  4. There will be absolutely no handouts (flyers, candies, etc.) given by any parade entry. Likewise, there will be no collection of items from spectators.
  5. Only parade entries will be allowed entry into the Joe Sams Park staging area after 3:30 pm. Vehicles delivering supplies or participants will be required to use a separate entrance. All floats must be ready to go by 5:00 pm
  6. All entries staged from Memorial Park must be at the park by 5:30 pm. There will be absolutely no parking for passenger vehicles other than buses. Participants will be responsible for locating their own parking in neighboring lots or side streets. Alternatively, there will be a pick up and drop off location within the park.
  7. Participants must return to the park from where they were staged. THERE IS NO OFFLOADING OF ANYONE ON A FLOAT ALONG THE ROUTE! No float, walkers, or participating group may join the route, perform a dance or otherwise stop the parade in any fashion.
  8. Buses will not be discharged from Memorial Park until 9:00 pm, after all participants have safely returned to the park.
  9. Roads will close at 6:00 pm sharp. Please be aware of this when planning your evening.
  10. Please ensure that you take all garbage with you. Respect our parks, our committee, and our event. Do not leave garbage behind!
  11. Your confirmation number does not represent the order in which you will be staged in the parade. Please ensure that all participants of your group are aware of your confirmation number.
  12. Drive slowly and safely. Participant safety is of primary importance.
  13. Excessive “honking” or use of air horns will not be tolerated as it interferes with the bands and other participating musicians.
  14. All horse entries are responsible for their own “clean up” throughout the parade route.
  15. Entrants are responsible to supply their own generator and fuel, if one is required for the entry.
  16. No entry may contain any representation of Santa or Mrs Claus. This includes pictures, figurines, statues, etc. Any entry found to include representation of Santa or Mrs Claus will be required to remove said items or will be denied entry to the parade.
  17. All entries must be pre-registered and payment MUST be received no later than 6PM the Friday before the parade in order to participate in the parade. Registration and/or payment will not be accepted on parade day.
  18. By agreeing to participate in the parade, you waive your right to privacy and are subject to having your picture taken in the parade.
  19. The Flamborough Santa Claus Parade nor its committee shall assume any responsibility regarding any bodily injury or property damage involving a float for any persons or groups participating in the parade.

Failure to comply with any of the above parade rules will result in the ejection from the current parade and suspension from participating in the following year’s parade at the parade committee’s discretion.

Please pass on this information to ALL participants involved in your entry.

MOST OF ALL “SAFETY FIRST ” …And lets have fun!